Starcraft 2 Zerg Guide – How to Stop the Cannon Rush

We’ve all been there, staring out the game and just trying to get our build order going correctly but then we realize all too late that the Protoss player has cannons inside our base and his building them closer and closer to our main. What should we do to avoid the inevitable? This guide will show you how to easily beat a Protoss cannon rush but it would also apply to a bunker rush from a Terran player.

The first thing that you need to do is build a few spine crawlers around your base to keep the cannons from getting any closer. After that you should focus on getting the cannons killers…banelings! Build a baneling nest and start pumping out zerglings to turn into banelings. After you have a bunch send them at either the cannons or the pylons if you think you can get them all. The cannons you fall pretty fast to a few banelings so it won’t take too much minerals. Make sure you are alert to a possible void ray attack or some other cheese attack like that because the Protoss players like to distract you by building some cannons while they tech up to void rays.

The best thing to do is after you have the cannons under control send all your zerglings and banelings at their main base. They will most likely have a few cannons gaurding the front but you should be able to handle that with your banelings. Go straight in, ignore his army and take out the probes, if he is making void rays try to halt them by taking out the pylons for the stargates. After this you pretty much have the game won, just build up some roaches and send them to finish off the foolish Protoss player, nice job!

Becoming an advanced Starcraft 2 player is very challenging and confusing. I purchased the Starcraft 2 Advanced Strategy Guide [] from and I have been very impressed with the strategies they teach. I would highly recommend it to any Starcraft 2 player who wants to get to the top of the Diamond Ladders, I think this guide might be the only one of its kind.

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